inlingua Lyon - Cours d'anglais et formation CPF à Lyon

Make your stay a success!

Our goal: to make learning as efficient and fun as possible!


At inlingua you are the centre of our attention. That is why we have developed a multiple benefits programme, a comprehensive package that maximises your stay to the full. The combination of an accurate assessment, the appropriate method and motivated trainers assure a successful stay and optimal progression.

Our method encourages practicing the language right from the start. Speaking is the best way to learn a language. At inlingua, you do the talking!

It is important for us that our customers are fully satisfied with their chosen course, perform well in their learning and feel comfortable at inlingua Lyon. Our entire team is here for you, ready to help.

Group Training

Enjoy the dynamics of a small group and experience true immersion! Learning with others allows you to benefit from the synergy of a group and to quickly enhance your linguistic reflexes. inlingua Lyon offers courses in small groups during the day.

Combi Training

Enjoy the dynamics of a group class and the customization of your programme through individual lessons!

It is possible to combine group classes and individual lessons at inlingua Lyon. This formula is ideal if you want to improve your general French and concentrate on a particular problem area during your private lessons.

Individual Training and CIP

Be the center of your own learning, progress at your own pace and target your path!

Guaranteed maximum efficiency! By individualizing your course, we target your programme exclusively to meet your needs while respecting your learning pace. You can choose this formula for various reasons. Whether you are attending a convention, or an international conference, find yourself on a business trip or just want new challenges, inlingua Lyon is with you all the way! Achieving individual objectives often requires individual solutions. Our private training courses are individually designed to meet your specific requirements. Together we analyze your needs, evaluate your level, define your objectives and determine a programme within a given time frame.

Evaluation and Diploma

At the end of your course, why not objectively evaluate your level with an inlingua test?

You can then put this objective indicator of your language skills in a CV or use it as a guide when deciding which exam you should prepare for.

inlingua can also help you to prepare for the official Voltaire examination. You could either take it in France or when you return home, depending on the dates of the official sessions.