inlingua Lyon - Cours d'anglais et formation CPF à Lyon
Cours d'anglais à Lyon

Find out about our city, Lyon, which is France’s third-largest city. Well-known for its cuisine, Lyon inaugurated the Cité internationale de la Gastronomy in 2019. Thanks to its rich History linked to the weaving of silk and its architectural landmarks, Lyon is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It played a significant role in the history of cinema: Auguste and Louis Lumière invented cinematography in Lyon. The city is also known for its famous light festival, Fête des Lumières, which takes place on 8th December every year and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.

Economically, Lyon is a major center for banking, as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. The city contains a significant software industry with a focus on video games, and in recent years has fostered a growing local start-up sector. Lyon hosts the international headquarters of Interpol, Euronews, and the International Agency for Cancer Research.

inlingua® is situated in the central business district of Lyon: Part-Dieu. It is a major transport and commercial gateway for Europe where you can find the very busy Lyon-Part-Dieu railway station, the famous shopping mall – one of the largest in all of Europe – and the covered market « Les Halles Paul Bocuse », renowned for Lyonnaise gastronomy.

Our center will offer you a rewarding experience combining our experienced teaching staff and cultural activities. Following the inlingua® method, you will start speaking French right from the very first lesson, with the focus on communication. The different teaching techniques employed provide variety and our qualified and dynamic trainers will motivate you by making it a pleasure to learn.

inlingua® international is one of the world’s biggest private language school organizations, with over 300 schools worldwide and headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. This is where our course material and method undergo continual development.